Jon Erik Myre is a Norwegian freelance actor, singer, caster and filmmaker, who is currently based in Oslo. He has been working professionally in the industry since 2012 and has his acting background from the youth theatre in his hometown Kristiansand. He has also been active in the city’s film community, both as an actor and casting agent, and in the music industry as a vocalist and keyboardist.

On stage Jon Erik has played parts in plays such as The Brothers Lionheart, Journey to the Christmas Star, Victoria by Knut Hamsun, Skinnet Bedrar by Knut Nærum, the musical Chess, where he played Anatoly (the Russian), and in the Captain Sabertooth franchise in Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, where he was part of the cast for seven seasons.

In the fall of 2016, Jon Erik played the part of Pål, a member of the far-right group Soldiers of Odin, in the newly written play Anne Frank’s Siblings at Kilden Teater- og Konserthus. In February of 2017 he was a part of the first production of Birkebeinerspelet at Mesna by Sjusjøen, and before Christmas that same year, he toured the eastern parts of Norway as part of the family musical Natt i Nisseland.

In 2019, Jon Erik established the theatre company Kanon Produksjon, together with colleague André Lassemo, and produced the play The Terrorists by Kolbein Falkeid at Kristiansand Cannon Museum. It was played in a casemate from the second world war, and revolves around a group of leaders in the Red Army Faction, better known as the Baader-Meinhof Group. Here he also played the terrorist Otto, in addition to composing and arranging the music for the performance. Towards the end of the summer, he played director Hermanrud in Kampen om Wøyengutta. Just as The Terrorists, this play was based on real events, and took place at Vøyen Gård in Bærum where a dramatic power struggle took place in the 1950s. He reprised the role of director Hermanrud in the new play – Christmas at Wøyen. Jon Erik also co-wrote the script for this play, together with Madeleine F. Røseth.

In February 2020 Kanon Produksjon produced their second play in the south of Norway, Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter, at Teateret in Kristiansand. Here he also played the character Gus, one of two hitmen sitting in a basement room waiting for further assignment. In September, the company was back in Kristiansand with the Norwegian premiere on Bound, where he, in addition to playing the role of Kai, translated the script and was responsible for the shanties sung by the cast. In the summer of this year, he also wrote and played, together with Ina Maria Brekke, the play Det skreik en fugl… based on the authorship of Vilhelm Krag. Here Jon Erik composed seven new songs to some of Krags timeless poems. Before Christmas, Kanon Produksjon, with support from the Cultiva Foundation, created an audio-guided show as part of Kristiansands Christmas Town. Gjenklang – en førjulsvandring was available to everyone, at any time in December 2020, and could be played and experienced from your own mobile phone. Jon Erik composed the title track «Gjenklang», in addition to contributing with concept development and direction, as well as being a voice actor playing several characters. In the summer of 2021, Jon Erik and Ina Maria Brekke were back in Kristiansand with Shriek of a bird…, this time performed in Posebyhaven.

Besides acting, Jon Erik is also a proficient singer and songwriter who plays piano, guitar, saxophone, and a variety of flutes. Having been a part of several bands he’s already gathered a broad experience performing live and has played concerts at Kilden, Canal Street as well as other venues around the southern parts of Norway. Through these projects, he’s had the opportunity to tackle genres like feel-good funk, prog-rock, pop, as well as his own projects. As well as studio experience as a musician, he frequently works as a voice-over artist and has given his voice to several informational films, advertisements, and e-learning courses.

Beyond his roles and performances on stage, Jon Erik has also been a part of TV-series and movies in Kristiansand and Oslo, and has worked as a casting director for both short – and feature films. In 2020, he made his directorial debut, and during the year completed two series of info films, several commercial ads, and five music video for the the band Tic Tic, as a part of their concert performance Tic Tic Takes Time, which he both wrote and directed. He is also working as a playwright for two upcoming theater performances.

Jon Erik is a motivated and versatile actor, with a strong urge to tell important, thought-provoking, emotional stories. In addition to bringing joy, and excitement to his audience, he wishes to challenge both adults and children alike, through both stage and screen.