Jon Erik Myre is a versatile actor, composer, playwright, and producer based in Oslo, originally from Kristiansand. With roots in Kristiansand Youth Theatre and active participation in the city’s film and music scene as a singer and musician in various bands, Jon Erik early on acquired a broad and solid foundation in the cultural sector.

Since 2012, Jon Erik has worked as a freelancer, with a primary focus on acting. He has participated in a wide range of productions, from “Anne Franks’ siblings” (Kilden Teater), “The Dumb Waiter” (Kanon Produksjon), and “Birkebeinerspelet – The Last King” to “Natt i Nisseland” (Chat Noir) and “Captain Sabertooth” (Kristiansand Zoo).

In 2019, he initiated and founded the theater company Kanon Produksjon, where he serves as the artistic director. The company has produced 10 performances, with Jon Erik contributing as an actor, playwright, translator, composer, arranger, and producer.

Beyond his stage performances, Jon Erik has also appeared in several films and TV series, such as “MAKTA” (NRK), “Post Mortem” (Netflix), and “Beforeigners” (HBO). He has also been involved as the casting director for both short and feature films.

Jon Erik has composed and arranged music for five theater productions, a multimedia project, a circus act, and an upcoming short film. Proficient in multiple instruments, he is often an active participant in the performance and recording of his works. A musical highlight is the production “Det heldige skipet – en krigsseilerhistorie,” where parts of his music were recorded with a full symphony orchestra in Budapest.

As a playwright, Jon Erik has written productions such as “Shriek of a bird…” and “The Lucky Ship,” with several ongoing stage texts in development, supported by institutions like The Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting and The Fritt Ord Foundation. In 2020, he also made his debut as a director and has since directed informational film series, commercials, and music videos.

Jon Erik is a dedicated and versatile cultural worker with a strong desire to convey important, thought-provoking, and emotional stories, while simultaneously bringing joy, inspiration, and challenges to both adults and children through stage and screen.