Jul på Wøyen

Jul på Wøyen is a play for the whole family, and will take place at Wøyen Gård in December 2019. The play is a continuation of the play «Kampen om Wøyengutta» written by Christin Grillstad Prøis, and Christmas stories written by Director Hermanrud in the 1950’s. … Les mer >Jul på Wøyen

They Came

In the winter of 2019, Jon Erik will appear in the pilot episode of the Norwegian television series They Came, where Norway is invaded by alien creatures. The series is in the category science fiction/horror/comedy … Les mer >They Came

Natt i Nisseland

The day before Christmas a curse is cast over Nisseland by the evil wizard. The usually jolly Santa Claus is left confused and frustrated, dreaming of sunny weather, palm trees and hula dancing instead of delivering presents. With the biggest day of the year just one day ahead. Before Christmas 2018, Jon Erik will again tour eastern Norway as a part of the family show Natt i Nisseland … Les mer >Natt i Nisseland

Captain Sabertooth’s World

Jon Erik returns for his seventh season in the Captain Sabertooth´s World in Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park. In Captain Sabertooth´s World in the Zoo you can go on an expedition with the pirate ship The Dark Lady, experience Captain Sabertooth and his most trusted pirates, singing and telling about life at sea, and become a part of the best pirate crew in the world … Les mer >Captain Sabertooth’s World