Gjenklang – en førjulsvandring

In 2020, Kristiansand will give you a Christmas experience out of the ordinary. In this very special year, a lot of the traditional activities have been canceled, and Cultiva, together with Kvadraturforeningen, therefore asked the local culture workers for new, alternative activities for the locals this Christmas.

GJENKLANG – EN FØRJULSVANDRING is an audio-guided Christmas story that takes you on a journey through the city center of Kristiansand, ending up in the heart of the city, at the town square. Making use of the possibilities of technology, and turning the limitations of the Covid-19 situation to something positive, we wish to stimulate and perhaps also challenge everyone’s imagination. By focusing attention towards places and things you otherwise take for granted, a trip around the city will provide the opportunity to see what the city has to offer, seen through new eyes, and at the same time give you the feeling of magic that comes with Christmas.

An elderly woman takes us back to the time when she was young in Kristiansand. She leads us through the city streets, and tells the story a very special Christmas from when she was young. On the way, one is drawn into the woman’s flashback when the stories and situations she tells begin to unfold with the help of the voices of the various people she reminisces and talks about.

The performance is available at www.gjenklang-krs.no, and can be played and experienced from your mobile phone at any time from December 1th until Christmas. Start from the corner of Håndverkeren, in the middle of the city center.