MER – Children about charging

At the beginning of June, Jon Erik again directed for Mer. This time it was the kids who were going to tell us about the electric car and charging. Through six films, four children between the ages of 4 and 7 stood in front of the camera.

Tic Tic Takes Time

At the beginning of May, Jon Erik again took on the role of director and screenwriter for the synth duo Tic Tic. The duo from Kristiansand consists of Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange, and brings elements from synthpop, trip-hop and alternative rock into their music.

Grønn Kontakt changing its name to Mer

Grønn Kontakt is changing its name to Mer. The name change is the start of a joint, European charging group based on the experiences from the Norwegian electric car market. Jon Erik has directed the first commercial for the corporate group under a new name. In front of the camera we cast a bunch of beautiful people (and animals), while Gunstein Myre is responsible for photos and clips.

Grønn Kontakt – Frida on holiday

Jon Erik is responsible for the script and direction of Green Contact's info-films about Frida who will learn everything you need to know about charging an electric car. Photo and edit is done by Gunstein Myre, and Frida Helene Hansen guides us through the episodes.