Tic Tic Takes Time

At the beginning of May, Jon Erik again took on the role of director and screenwriter for the synth duo Tic Tic. The duo from Kristiansand consists of Irene Svendsen and Kai Drange, and brings elements from synthpop, trip-hop and alternative rock into their music. Last fall, they released their debut album Comfort in the Echo on vinyl, CD and digital on Apollon Records.

Tic Tic will soon hold live concerts in Bergen, Kristiansand and Oslo, and wants to offer the audience a more ambitious performance where live-performed electronic music is mixed with elements from theater, dance and video. Comfort in the Echo is atmospheric, cinematic and evocative. The concerts will follow a script, written by Jon Erik, and end up as a carefully directed performance where several art expressions are merged into a holistic, coherent performance.

The recording of the video content for this concert experience has already taken place with Gunstein Myre as video producer, in addition to Ingrid Nøren Stenersen as dancer and actor, Fredrik Landmark, Inger Johanne Mæsel and Marius Skår Myre as actors and Hilde Strømsnes on Hardanger fiddle.