PORTALEN – The Headless Soprano

THE HEADLESS SOPRANO is part of the mixed-media location-based AR experience PORTAL, produced by KapOow, where various ghost-like characters appear through tablets or mobiles.

The experience also contains game elements as the audience must find the head of The Headless Soprano and put it back in its place. In addition, the level of applause from the audience is crucial for whether or not the ghosts are set free and allowed to move on to the other side, as the goal for the users is to hunt for ghosts to bring them home to the other side. Jon Erik participates as an actor, in the role of Gregers, and as a composer. As part of his job as a composer, he has written a new aria, which in the finished experience is sung by The Headless Soprano, played by opera singer Cecilie Schilling. The music was recorded this weekend in Holmestrand.