Kanon Produksjon returns to Kristiansand in September, and this time brings a Norwegian premiere. The production is a co-production with Teater Origo, in collaboration with the British theater company Bear Trap, led by stagewriter Jesse Briton.

Det skreik en fugl…

23th-25th of July Jon Erik, alongside Ina Maria Brekke, will be showing DET SKREIK EN FUGL… at Bankkjelleren in Kristiansand. Based on the authorship of the local poet Vilhelm Krag, a new performance is put together, as well as several new songs folk songs.

Grønn Kontakt – Frida on holiday

Jon Erik is responsible for the script and direction of Green Contact's info-films about Frida who will learn everything you need to know about charging an electric car. Photo and edit is done by Gunstein Myre, and Frida Helene Hansen guides us through the episodes.

Sing-along in the woods with StrømmeTeateret

With a guitar on the back, a thermos and a snack in the backpack, StrømmeTeateret (Streaming Theatre) sets out on a small trip to the forest on Monday, June 1st! Jon Erik will join the group from StrømmeTeateret to play guitar alongside the talented and energetic quartet.

The Dumb Waiter

In February Jon Erik will be heading back to his hometown Kristiansand to play the role of Gus in Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter (Kjøkkenheisen).

Jul på Wøyen

Jul på Wøyen is a play for the whole family, and will take place at Wøyen Gård in December 2019. The play is a continuation of the play «Kampen om Wøyengutta» written by Christin Grillstad Prøis, and Christmas stories written by Director Hermanrud in the 1950’s.

Natt i Nisseland

Christmas is fast approaching, and Natt i Nisseland is finally back! Claus, Igor, Mats and Mina once again jumps on the tour sled to save Christmas. This year's premiere will take place at Lørenskog Hus, November 22.

Kampen om Wøyengutta

The year is 1950. Wøyen boys´ home is in new economic conflicts after the Germans demolished it during World War II, and is now depending on financial means to continue operating. Jon Erik plays the role of director Hermanrud